09/16/2011 12:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Microsoft's Blue Screen Of Death Gets Redesign For Windows 8

Microsoft has given the old blue screen of death the blue screen of death.

On the recently announced Windows 8, available in very early developer's beta, the Blue Screen of Death is going to look a little different, according to a discovery by The Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD, or Stop Error, has become something of a symbol of frustration with Windows.

If you've never seen one (you lucky thing!), it currently appears as a screen of white text on a blue background that appears whenever the system irreparably crashes and has to restart (hence, Blue Screen of Death).

Traditionally this screen was an ugly, digitized, almost frightening thing, with a long chunk of Courier text, followed by some code. Now, Windows has cleaned up the look and made it more friendly and less intimidating to non-programmers. When a future Windows 8 user sees this screen, he won't have to be worried that his system crashed and might be dead forever!

Windows 8 should be out some time in 2012, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, though it still has several iterations to go through before it reaches that stage. For a comprehensive slideshow of views of the new, more visually-pleasing Windows 8, click here.

Click the slideshow to see the BSOD before Windows 8 and after Windows 8: