09/16/2011 05:14 pm ET Updated Nov 16, 2011

Tipping Points 'Outliers'

Glen Bolger questions whether Obama has passed the tipping point, Gene Ulm says he's already there.

Scott Clement reviews what Obama's approval ratings can and cannot tell us.

Third Way surveys Obama switchers and droppers (via Smith).

John Sides debunks theories of Obama's "Jewish problem," Frank Newport adds more.

Mark Mellman warns against using special elections to predict the future.

Frank Newport discusses the name ID shifts of the Republican field.

Emily Schultheis suggests Rick Perry may have a suburb problem.

David Hill says Perry's contradictions are just a Texan being Texan.

Nichole McClesky sees Republican opportunities among Hispanic voters.

Joshua Tucker ponders the fall of Congressional approval to uncharted territory.

Brendan Nyhan shares new research on political misperceptions.

Phillip Bump chronicles how Frank Luntz inserts opinion into opinion research.