09/16/2011 02:48 pm ET Updated Nov 16, 2011

Redskins' New Spanish Fight Song To Be Introduced Sunday

WASHINGTON -- So far, Viva Los Redskins' creators -- Michael Garin, José Antonio Melián, and Matt Rocker -- have received only one angry racist email in response to their new Spanish language Redskins fight song:

"Keep your Mexican crap in Mexico, This is AMERICA!!! Speak the language, this song is a disgrace and bullshit ! No redblooded American wants to hear this or have our team song disgraced!!! You make money in the U.S then speak the language and pay your taxes! Thats all we ask." (sic)

"I felt an enormous surge of pride being vilified for being some sort of nasty Mexican who had come across the border and stole our fight song," Garin, who is originally from Greenbelt, Md., told The Huffington Post. He said he has been to Mexico only twice. Garin is now in Los Angeles where he has just completed a documentary about the Holocaust and working on the musical version of "Sleepless in Seattle." "I mean, I found it depressing on the level that the guy is an idiot. And then that there's so much needless hatred. I mean, why hate me for making a song when there's that team from Texas who deserves all the hatred?"

Otherwise, the Internet loves Viva Los Redskins.TBD’s Sarah Godfrey described VLR as “awesome,” which seems to be the overall consensus.

The song debuts Sunday at the Redskins’ game against the Arizona Cardinals at FedExField, at the end of the Redskins’ “Hispanic Heritage Week,” which ends on Sept. 18. (Also debuting during Hispanic Heritage Week is the Redskins’ “new and improved Redskins en Español website." The new site includes the headline ¡Los chiquishorts más provocativos!, to which we say: Indeed!)

Listen to Viva Los Redskins here.