09/19/2011 10:02 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2011

Dick Cheney In Chicago To Promote 'In My Time' Book With Daughter Liz

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is expected to appear in Chicago Monday to speak about his recently released autobiography.

Cheney will be hosted by the Union League Club of Chicago during a noon luncheon. The event will also feature his daughter Liz, who collaborated with her father on the project, titled "In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir," NBC Chicago reports.

As the Chicago Sun-Times originally reported, the event will be moderated by the Union League Club's Chris Robling and will welcome questions from the audience. The Cheneys' appearance at the book luncheon will be their only appearance in the Windy City. Groups including the 8th Day Center for Justice and the Illinois Coalition Against Torture are expected to protest outside the event.

The book has revived debate over the 2003 Iraq invasion and reportedly criticizes many current and former D.C. higher-ups including Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates. In it, Cheney also revealed advice he once offered to Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: to "keep the vice president under control."

Cheney earlier this year predicted that there were "gonna be heads exploding all over Washington" once the book was released.

As of the most recent New York Times' Best Sellers list, the Cheneys' "In My Time" is the nation's second-best selling nonfiction book.