09/19/2011 06:54 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2011

Eaton Canyon Hikers Rescue Video Footage (VIDEO)

Three hikers were airlifted out of Eaton Canyon by a Los Angeles Sheriff's Department helicopter in early September, and harrowing footage of the daring rescue is just now emerging.

The video depicts an emergency responder being lowered down to the stranded hikers. The helicopter's blades are deafening and kick up the dust, while the responder has to keep his focus as he twirls down to the ground. The short video ends with the responder securing the first hiker to his person and bringing her back up to the helicopter.

Sheriff's Reserve Chief Mike Leum told Altadena Patch that two men and one woman from Glendale were found holding on to a wall, unable to move. They were trapped near a waterfall about 100 feet above the ground, reports ABC.

Thankfully, this trio of Glendale hikers were uninjured and were dropped off in a secure location.

Eaton Canyon is a popular hiking spot in the San Gabriel Mountains known for its beautiful waterfalls -- but recent deaths in Eaton Canyon have been a source of major concern. Two people have died hiking the waterfalls this summer season. John Jutiyasantayanon fell 50 feet from a cliff before being pronounced dead on the scene, and in July another man died in the hospital after being rescued from a fall in the canyon, reports AP.

“It is absolutely beautiful, and especially with the rain we had last year we have a lot of water,” Sheriff's Sgt. Debra Herman told the LA Times. “But you have to be prepared. It is very steep, and you need to respect the area and know what you are doing before you go up there."