09/19/2011 06:08 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2011

Patricia D. Pusey, A Blind Woman, Allegedly Tricked Into Selling Her Historic House (VIDEO)

A 77-year-old blind woman says she was tricked into selling her historic house, built by her father in 1948.

A 2006 electrical fire damaged Patricia D. Pusey's Houston house, forcing her to move into an apartment until she could pay for repairs, according to a story first published by the Houston Chronicle.

Pusey had fallen behind on taxes on the empty house, when she was contacted by Niyoka Taylor-Campbell, a Houston businesswoman who worked for a real estate investment company and tax advisory service.

The two women reached an agreement on what Pusey said she thought was debt help, and Pusey signed a document outlining the deal.

Instead, Pusey said she unknowingly signed a deed of sale.

Taylor-Campbell's lawyer said her client "never offered tax help," and that Pusey fully consented to the sale, the Houston Chronicle reports.

This isn't the first time allegations arise over people taking advantage of citizens with disabilities.

In a similar case in 2004, a blind woman claimed a real estate owner sold her an overpriced, broken-down house, according to Louisville, Ky.'s WAVE 3 News.

Lois Jackson told WAVE 3 that the real estate owner seemed very interested in selling the house to a "visually impaired person."

Upon moving in, Jackson said she discovered there were "holes in the walls, no insulation and exposed pipes... [and that] some floor boards look[ed] ready to collapse."

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