09/19/2011 07:37 am ET Updated 6 days ago

Rachel Maddow To Chris Hayes: My Job Is 'Very, Very Difficult' (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow and new MSNBC host Chris Hayes had a candid discussion about the difficulties of their jobs on the Sunday edition of Hayes' new show, "Up."

To be clear, neither host was complaining about the burden of being paid a hefty salary to host a television show about things that interested them. But both readily acknowledged that it takes a lot of effort to get a show right.

Hayes started the conversation by referencing an earlier interview he had held with Nancy Pelosi. "It's very hard to do a good interview, I find, with a politician," he said. "...I always feel like I've kind of been defused."

Maddow said that politicians often "don't allow themselves to be interrupted" and take control of the conversation. "You and I are both naturally polite," she said. "...They make you feel like you are not allowed to interject."

After discussing the Pelosi interview, Hayes abruptly turned to Maddow herself. "Do you like being on TV, and, if so, why?" he asked. She said she loved "everything about this job," but admitted that it has its challenges.

"It never gets any easier at all," she said. "It's very, very difficult. I feel like I am in the wrong gear. I feel like I can't possibly be doing this right because it can't possibly be this hard. It's very difficult, and it's awesome."

Maddow also revealed that she tossed aside some of the gimmicks and branded segments that she initially had when her show began because she found that she was "completely incapable" of adhering to a format on her program.

Of course, both Hayes and Maddow will have a lot of time to work out their issues with their craft. Hayes just started his show, and Maddow signed a new multi-year contract with MSNBC in August.


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