09/20/2011 01:49 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2011

'Two And A Half Men' Premiere Is 'Nightmare' For Charlie Sheen

Although Charlie Sheen is on a media blitz, telling everyone that he wishes nothing but the best for his old show, "Two and A Half Men," in private Sheen is having a much harder time coming to terms with the fact that the show will go on without him.

“Last night was a nightmare for Charlie,” a friend of the actor tells me. “How hard must it be watching a younger guy replace you? Not only did Ashton replace him, he did a great job in the new role and Charlie knows it.”

Sheen publicly wished the show his best on Sunday evening from the stage of the Emmy awards, but sitting down with friends last night to watch the premiere episode was a big mistake.

“When everyone was around he was having a great time, he always does,” an insider tells me. “No one is more fun to be around than Charlie -- but when everyone leaves and goes home, he is left alone in that huge house without his children or real friends.”

That doesn't sound like winning.