09/21/2011 07:07 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2011

President Of Mexico Felipe Calderon In LA: LAPD Prepare For Local Protests, Traffic

President Felipe Calderón of Mexico is in Los Angeles today to meet with community leaders as part of "an opportunity to promote the economic agenda of political dialogue and the image of Mexico abroad," reports Star Media.

The meeting is scheduled for 4:30 pm at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Only those who pre-registered at the Mexican Consulate with the approval of their organization will be able to attend, according to Impre.

The LAPD is preparing for crowds and protests during the Mexican President's visit. Calderón made headlines this Tuesday in New York when he implied that the federal legalization of drugs was crucial to the fight against drug cartels, reports Telegraph.

Reports from earlier today indicate that Calderón may be losing the battle against drug cartels. This afternoon thirty-five dead bodies were dumped onto a major thoroughfare in the popular city of Veracruz, Mexico. The Los Angeles Times speculates that The Zetas (once the armed wing of the Gulf cartel) are responsible for today's violent display of power.

The LAPD warns protestors that officers are prepared to "use reasonable force to disperse an unlawful assembly and to affect the arrest of violators," according to LAist.

The timing of the President's rush-hour visit, along with the potential protests, have the LAPD concerned about the possibility of major local traffic. Georgia Street between Olympic Boulevard and West Road will be closed, and viewing areas have been designated outside the traffic-impacted areas for the media.