09/22/2011 05:54 pm ET Updated Nov 22, 2011

Connor Whelihan Orders Paintball Rifle Barrel, Receives Porn, Sex Oils And Male Potency Pills

A Massachusetts teen ordered a part for his paintball gun, but he says he wound up with pornography, sex oils and erectile dysfunction pills.

Connor Whelihan, 14, told MyFoxBoston that he placed a $60 online order for a new barrel for his paintball rifle from

However the package that arrived at his family's door in the town of Bourne contained products targeted toward a different kind of recreation.

The Whelihans claim they received an explicit DVD, three boxes of erection pills, oils intended to improve sexual performance and hormone sprays, the station notes.

"What showed up was not what I ordered at all ... first I was laughing at what it was, how I got it, how random it was and how way off topic it was," Whelihan said in a MyFoxBoston video.

His mother, Deborah Whelihan, isn't happy. She attempted to contact about the errant order, but never heard back, according to the New York Daily News.

UPDATE:Adam Studer, chief operating officer of iStores Inc., the company that operates, told The Huffington Post that the accident was made at the fulfillment house that ships his company's orders, as well as more explicit products from other venders.

"The shipping label got put on the wrong box -- it was a simple accident," said Studer, who claims this is the first time such a mistake has been made in his company's 16-year history.

"[Wheilan] has already spoken with members of our team and we have offered a full refund and processed that for him with our apologies," Studer said.