09/22/2011 12:54 pm ET Updated 4 days ago

Gordon Ramsay Kmart Commercial Shows Chef As Home Invader (VIDEO)

When Kmart switched its big celebrity partner from Martha Stewart to Gordon Ramsay, it was clear they were shifting gears a bit. Martha, despite her incarceration, has a fairly homey vibe. She's definitely not scary. Ramsay, meanwhile, is terrifying. You might expect Kmart to want to play down his frightening side to sell hand mixers and frying pans.

Instead, though, Kmart seems to have decided to just embrace the fear. The line's first commercial has Ramsay playing the part of scary nighttime home invader, who holds a chef's knife to the throat of an embattled home cook. The whole thing is very Funny Games. It's unclear why Kmart would think this would convince anyone to buy a $9.99 box grater -- except, in a way, aspiring home invaders. Has the economy gotten so bad that that's a prime market sector?