09/22/2011 10:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Modern Family' Season 3 Premiere: Claire Interupts Hayley's Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

Fresh off its Emmys sweep, 'Modern Family' kicked off its third season by taking the extended family to a dude ranch. Even Dylan (Reid Ewing), Hayley's (Sarah Hyland) doofus boyfriend, came along for the ride, which really stressed Claire (Emmy winner Julie Bowen) out.

When Phil (Emmy winner Ty Burrell) makes her promise to be nice to Dylan, we thought everything was going to be okay -- that is, until Dylan proposes to Hayley.

Mesmerized by the glow of campfire and moved by the big sky, Dylan gets down on one knee and tries to propose to his true love Hayley, but Claire was having none of that. Before he could even finish, Claire stopped him dead in his tracks and essentially scolded the both of them and then sent Dylan to his room.

But Claire never could have expected what was to come.

After Dylan goes back to his room to cry, he then disappears into the woods. After a search, Dylan is found, but, it turns out he’s been hired as a ranch hand by a woman named Jake. Yeah, it goes there.

In the end Claire semi-learned her lesson because Hayley wasn't going to say yes to Dylan anyway. Claire just needed to understand that she was growing up.