09/23/2011 10:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hypermiling Commandments Help Cut Down On Emissions (VIDEO)

Do you know how to hypermile? Translogic's Bradley Hasemeyer explains in the video below that hypermilers are a group of drivers who "do everything they can to squeeze every last drop of energy out of their gas."

Unfortunately, he is not one of them. With exactly one gallon of gas, Bradley only gets 16 miles out of his 2001 Ford Focus Hatchback. Luckily, he gets some divine inspiration from the hypermiling Moses.

HuffPost blogger Yolanda Reid Chassiakos writes that high-MPG SUVs are "not only bad for the environment but dangerous for everyone on the road." In July, President Obama announced "the largest decrease in auto fuel consumption since the 1970s."

Even if you don't become a hypermiler, these tips will help you cut down on fuel costs, reduce emissions and maybe even extend the life of your car. Learn more about hypermiling here.