Pew Study: Public Trust Of Press Is Poor But Higher Than Government, Business

It seems that the American public has a bone to pick with the press, according to a new study by the Pew Center for the People and the Press.

The organization surveyed 1,501 adults about press performance, and found that evaluations have grown more negative across several measures. The study said, "66% percent say news stories often are inaccurate, 77% think that news organizations tend to favor one side, and 80% say news organizations are often influenced by powerful people and organizations."

But there was also good news: those surveyed said that they trust information from news organizations more than other institutions, including government and business. The majority of people (62%) also believe that the news organizations they rely on get their facts straight.

Pew pointed out people's ratings of national media may have been tilted towards cable news, which is what most people said first came to mind when they thought of “news organizations." In fact, the study noted that CNN and Fox News received "the most mentions by far."

The study also found that a majority of people (66%) still get most of their news from TV, but the percentage of people who said the Internet is their main news source (43%) continues to grow.

See the full study from the Pew Research Center here.