09/23/2011 10:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

President Emanuel? Rahm Says 'No, Never, Not Interested' (VIDEO)

After accepting an invitation to serve as the keynote speaker at the Iowa Democratic Party's high-profile Jefferson-Jackson campaign fundraiser dinner in November, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been rumored, by some, to be gunning toward a future presidential run.

The rumors were the subject of a question at a press conference on an unrelated issue Thursday. What did President Obama's former chief of staff have to say about his alleged presidential aspirations?

"No, never, not. Not interested," he responded, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

(Scroll down to watch Emanuel respond to the presidential rumors.)

"I've done two trips already at the request of the . . . president’s re-election campaign," Emanuel continued, referring to his appearance at an Obama campaign fundraiser in New York in July. "They've asked me to be a surrogate. I'll do it. [But] I'm not interested [in running for president]. I love this job. I love the people of the city of Chicago. I love working on behalf of the taxpayers. Not interested."

Still, the Iowa engagement has piqued the curiosity of many. As the Des Moines Register reports, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner has featured a bevy of Washington-bound names in the past, including Vice President Joe Biden in 2009, Obama alongside the other Democratic presidential candidates in 2007, former president Bill Clinton in 2006 and former Vice President Al Gore in 2008 and 2001. The event is the largest annual fundraiser for Iowa Democrats.

When asked a similar question by ABC's George Stephanopoulos shortly after taking the mayor's office earlier this year, Emanuel also shot down talk of a future presidential run. "Never think about it?" Stephanopoulos prodded. "You know my wife. No," Emanuel replied.

Domain squatters, for what it's worth, appear unconvinced at Emanuel's denial of the rumors as, and have all been recently snatched up, as NBC Chicago reports.

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