09/23/2011 04:28 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

‘Project Runway' Recap: Season 9, Episode 9: Cover Band

The designers must attempt team harmony once again in order to help some aspiring music stars rock fashion on the cover of Rolling Stone.

And sew it goes:

The Challenge: The designers are divided in teams of two to outfit “The Sheepdogs," an obscure band of long-haired Canadian rockers who recently won the coveted prize in a Rolling Stone fan choice contest: The magazine’s legendary cover.

Bonus prize: The winning team’s work will also be featured in a L’Oreal advertorial in Marie Claire Magazine. (Although we don’t quite see Marie Claire and the grungy Sheepdogs as obvious duet partners.)

The Making-it-Workroom Drama: The constantly off-key team of Anthony Ryan Auld, Laura Kathleen and Bert Keeter are fatefully reunited by mentor Tim Gunn’s velvet drawing bag. Joined by Anya Ayoung-Chee, the dub themselves “Team Harmony.” (Replay episode 2 or 7 on the DVR to contemplate the ironies here.)

“Grandpa” Keeter, 57, is the only designer who lived through the ’70s and since “The Sheepdogs” favor the era’s hippie influences his team just might be in luck. But since the recovering alcoholic spent most of the era drinking and doing, um, other things, he actually really doesn’t really remember much.

Viktor Luna, Kimberly Goldson, Joshua McKinley and Olivier Green comprise “Team Untitled.”

When he’s not competing on reality shows, Green specializes in menswear. Yet that distinct advantage doesn’t stop him from complaining about having to dress broad-shouldered lead singer Ewan. In a cringe-worthy display, Green informs the rocker he is “big” (lingering emphasis on the word "big") and complains, once again, about not having a waifish model as his muse. Ewan is no diva and offers to wear a “sock” and his guitar strap on stage, which just may be a distinct improvement on the pale, feminine paisley Green has in mind. Mentor Gunn lectures Green that “in the real world not everyone is the size of a mannequin.” Hear! Hear!

Meanwhile, McKinley has decided to accentuate the privates of the band’s lead guitarist, by exposing his zipper. When Gunn points out, “this draws all the attention to the crotch”, McKinley replies: “Exactly.”

The Runway Show: Instead of doing the expected catwalk, “The Sheepdogs” take the stage to jam in their new duds, changing for a second performance in the rival team’s looks. The judges do their best to nod and smile, but look slightly horrified as they take in the spectacle of “Reggae Jesus and His Disciples” with Pocahontas on the drums.

The Guest Judge: Crooner Adam Lambert, the smoky-eyed “American Idol” runner-up, joins the panel. Oh how we wish he would hit one of his screechy high notes to drown out “The Sheepdogs.” As a judge, he totally rocks. But wait: Did we see him making eyes with Josh McKinley?

Who’s In: Viktor Luna confirms he’s a strong contender for a spot at New York Fashion Week with his exceptional – if predictable - faux leather jacket and magnificently tailored, distressed denim pants. Judge Nina Garcia swoons that the pleather outerwear in Luna’s $300 outfit “looks like it cost $2,000.” Keeter surprises the judges - and almost takes the win - by stepping out of his boring sheath dress comfort zone and giving Ewan a “persona” with braids and subtly cool tie-dyed duds.

Who’s Out: Although Ayoung-Chee gets her first scathing critique, it is Green who gets the much deserved ‘auf. The judges were having none of his “Ewan is much bigger than the mannequin” excuses for a wimpy design that did not fit his client. “This is just not cool,” Judge Michael Kors tells him. “You are menswear designer; this was your chance to shine.” Green leaves the workroom in search of a perfectly-sized, small-breasted mannequin person to “create couture.”

Photo: Viktor Luna's winning design for a member of Canadian rock band, "The Sheepdogs," to wear on the cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine. Photo Courtesy: Lifetime