09/23/2011 10:02 am ET Updated Nov 23, 2011

'The Daily Show': Lewis Black Defends Chaz Bono, Apple Juice (VIDEO)

When Lewis Black does his "Back In Black" segment on "The Daily Show," you can always count on him to boil society's collective outrage down to a humorous five-minute segment. On Thursday night, he did just that, taking on the latest "threats" to America's children -- specifically apple juice and Chaz Bono.

First, Black took on popular daytime health talk show "Dr. Oz" for making parents panic about the amount of arsenic in apple juice. Not only has the FDA said it's totally fine -- there are good and bad types of arsenic -- but it looks like Dr. Oz knew that fact before he did the damaging segment. Seriously, Oz, what did apple juice ever do to you?

But it was Fox News contributor Keith Ablow who really got Black's blood pressure rising. In case you missed it (and hopefully you did) he recently went on Megyn Kelly's show and essentially said that Chaz Bono appearing on "Dancing With The Stars" will make children want to be transgendered.

Watch Black's segment below to hear why he's surprised at the outrage over Bono (who turned out to be pretty light on his feet after all). When you consider who else has appeared on the show, you'll know exactly what he means.


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