09/26/2011 11:34 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2011

Christina Milian Not Upset By The-Dream's Trash Talk

Jennifer Aniston isn't the only woman in Hollywood whose ex-husband recently aired some dirty laundry while promoting a project. Pop star and actress Christina Milian's ex-husband, rapper The-Dream, trashes Milian in lyrics on his new web-only album "Terius Nash Est. 1977."

"Halfway decent for me but you dress up for your girlfriends? Listening to what they say got your a** without a husband," The-Dream raps in "Used To Be," and anyone familiar with his personal drama with Milian knows exactly who he's rapping about.

Milian, 30, and The-Dream (real name: Terius Nash) got married in Las Vegas in September 2009, after less than a year a dating. However, they announced their separation in July 2010, following the February birth of their daughter, Violet.

Milian's take on her ex's not-so-friendly lyrics? He's a man. According to her, it's easier to let men talk until they look like fools.

"He's funny. He is getting his chance now to speak up on his behalf and we are all entitled to say whatever we want," Milian told The Huffington Post at a recent Pampers Cruisers event at Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan, where she brought along Violet, 19 months. "He and I had a talk and I just let him do what he wants to do. It's easier that way."

Sounds like some good advice for Aniston after Pitt's recent verbal diarrhea about their time together.