09/26/2011 05:01 am ET Updated Nov 25, 2011

Colbert Mocks Rick Perry's Israel Support, Obama's U.N. Photo Gaffe (VIDEO)

With the U.N. General Assembly in session, attempts to bring peace to the world have been largely overshadowed by President Obama putting his hand in front of the Mongolian president's face in a group photo. Many experts say that under a Rick Perry presidency, such gaffes would not happen, as Perry clearly knows the international landscape better than our current president. Those experts are named Stephen Colbert.

Last week, Stephen Colbert cited Rick Perry's unconditional support for Israel as a major reason to support his candidacy. And like many of Perry's positions, one must do some logical gymnastics to surmise why Perry, who hosted a giant Christian prayer service this summer, would be such a strong supporter of that non-Jesus country.

Let Colbert explain to you what's going on at the U.N., and also show a wonderful clip of Perry getting his simcha on.