09/29/2011 04:11 pm ET Updated Nov 26, 2011

Paul Winstanley's Dreamlike New Exhibition Merges Painting And Photography (PHOTOS)

When a solitary walk through the trees begins to feel a bit like a dream, when a puff of cigarette smoke hits the fog just so, the way a red balloon stands out against a white sky, these are the in-between spaces captured in Paul Winstanley's work. His medium embodies a sense of in-betweenness as well, with paintings of photographs in a hyper-realistic style. They are meticulously rendered, only to be blurred.

According to a Frieze review, they flirt with both "mimesis and mediation," entering the haze between the truth and the fantasy, the everyday and the dream in both form and content. The images will appear nearly photographic, with a single mood or moment emphasized for Wistanley's particular vision. His new paintings, the gallery said in a statement, "deal with private psychology in public spaces." A youthful freedom lingers in the dramatized snapshots, bringing viewers a sense of nostalgia at a memory which was never theirs to begin with.

Paul Winstanley will be showing at Mitchell-Innes & Nash until October 22.

Paul Winstanley