Eddie Cibrian Talks Leann Rimes, 'The Playboy Club'

Eddie Cibrian is trying to escape his past, both in fiction and the flesh.

First and foremost, he has become known for his affair with lightning pole country singer Leann Rimes. The pair, both married at the time, met on the set of a Lifetime project and, well, acted out the plot line of many a TV movie, capturing the attention of the tabloids, their judgmental readers and, above all else, the paparazzi. Now happily married -- as Rimes is sure to remind the world on Twitter -- the couple still has to deal with the stresses of a life lived in public. Even if they don't want to.

"Once you let that affect the way you live, then people have won. So, do you not go to the beach anymore because somebody might be there to take a photo?" Cibrian asked rhetorically in a new interview with USA Today. "You just have to come to an acceptance that that's what it's going to be like -- and it won't always be that way -- but for now, that's what it is."

Stuff like this, for example.

His on-screen transgressions, on the other hand, are a bit heavier than sex outside his marriage. The veteran actor -- yes, remember, he is actually an actor, not bizarro reality star -- plays lead Nick Dalton in NBC's new 60s drama, "The Playboy Club," taking on a character running from his early mob roots in Chicago.

"He's done some things in the past that he's not very proud of, and he's always been trying to break free from that," he told the paper. "Now, he has an opportunity to actually really start doing good. You'll see he's going to start making a run for state's attorney, and that's going to bring him a lot of animosity from the underworld."

Cibrian went into more detail on that front in an interview with the blog Divine Caroline, saying, "He will... take you outside of the club by interacting with [legendary Chicago] Mayor Daley. They develop a relationship with a Chicago socialite and that storyline does not turn out the way viewers would expect. Look for a big twist. That is all I will say."