09/27/2011 12:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Zoe Packs 11 Suitcases For Paris Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

How may suitcases does it take to get Rachel Zoe to Paris Fashion Week?

11, apparently (not counting two Louis Vuitton totes).

The ultraglam stylist and reality TV darling posted a picture on her blog, The Zoe Report, of her luggage arriving with hubby Rodger in Paris for Fashion Week.

Zoe captioned her picture, "Final stop..Paris via Eurostar train..@rbermanus is hating me right now..xoRZ."

It was a good thing they came by train and not by air or Zoe would have had quite the baggage fee.

But we expect no less from the lovably high-maintenance stylist, who has said she will never wear sneakers, has an entire wardrobe of baby designer gear for her seven-month-old child and toted her entire family along to London Fashion Week.

We're actually surprised she didn't bring more luggage to Paris. Seriously.

Check out the pic below as well as Zoe's best Spring 2012 Fashion Week looks thus far!