09/28/2011 02:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gary Cederstrom Loses Track Of Count: MLB Umpire Uses Phone During White Sox-Blue Jays Game (VIDEO)

Well it seems the off-season can't come soon enough for umpire Gary Cederstrom.

In the fourth inning of Tuesday night's game between the White Sox and the Blue Jays, Chicago's Adam Dunn paused between pitches when he noticed that Cederstrom had announced the wrong pitch count. While Dunn felt that it was a full count, it appeared that Cederstrom had lost track and accidentally declared the count two balls and two strikes.

This is when things took a bizarre turn. Rather than sticking to his guns, Cederstrom wanted to confirm the count. So he went into the White Sox dugout and called someone -- presumably not a pizzeria as the announcers suggested -- in order to get the actual count. After an extended break, play resumed with the correct 3-2 count.

Credit Cederstrom to take the time to make sure he had the correct call, particularly during a seemingly meaningless game between teams that have been out of the playoff hunt for weeks.

Ultimately it was quite fitting that something strange and over the top would happen during Chicago's first game of the post-Ozzie Guillen era.

And in keeping with tradition this season, Dunn ultimately struck out.