09/30/2011 03:16 am ET Updated Nov 29, 2011

Art Made From Unconventional Materials (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Artists always seem to want to show that they're capable of something new and different. From trash to food, anything is fair game and these artists use their materials in a way that transcends their original purpose, creating true art.

The materials aren't just unconventional though, the artists aren't just trying to be wacky, they're attempting to challenge the way people thing about everyday objects. Artist Liza Lou covers an entire kitchen in beads, a feat that took her five years and won her a McArthur "genius" Grant. Chris Ofili's use of elephant dung in his depiction of the Virgin Mary caused former New York Mayor to describe the artist's work as "sick." Are these artists weirdos or visionaries? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Best of art in unusual mediums