09/30/2011 04:25 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2011

Charles Burnett, Former Psychiatric Patient, Apprehended After Robbing Same Bank Three Days In A Row (VIDEO)

Police in New York have apprehended a man who robbed the same branch of a Manhattan Bank three days in a row.

Charles Burnett, 29, is alleged to have stolen more than $26,000 from the Sovereign Bank on Gold Street during the course of this week, according to NBC New York.

Burnett's crime spree reportedly started on Monday this week, when he entered the bank and handed the teller a note demanding money.

The New York Post reports that he produced a brown paper bag and banged it on the counter to indicate it had something heavy, and threatening, inside. The teller gave him $2,258 and he walked out while peeling off a blue glove.

Having got a taste for such easy money, Burnett is alleged to have returned to the same branch the following day to try again. AllmediaNY reports:

This time, however, Danielle Stephens, the teller he approached, did not have any cash. “He told the girl next to me, ‘I will shoot you in the f***ing face if you don’t give me all your money,’” Stephens said. “He walked out with like $14,000.”

The following day, Burnett returned to the bank to try again, to the disbelief of the branch staff: “It was the same dumbass who hit us yesterday. He was huge,” said one worker. Police driving by the bank recognized him from his wanted poster and apprehended him, according to Gothamist.

The Daily Mirror quotes a New York police official as sharing the incredulity of the bank's staff: “I’ve never heard of a robber coming back two days in a row, let alone three.”

Burnett was reportedly recently released from a psychiatric hospital. His lawyer, George DePountis, said: “There are certain medical issues that may come into play in this case.”