09/30/2011 11:25 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2011

Mayor Daley Biography To Be Published In 2013, Without Daley's Input

The first major biography of former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley will be titled "First Son: The Biography of Richard M. Daley" and is slated to hit bookshelves in 2013.

The University of Chicago Press announced Wednesday that they will be publishing Keith Koeneman's profile of the former mayor, compiled from more than 100 interviews with key players in the Daley administration and Chicago's business and cultural leaders.

"A complicated man, Richard M. Daley is sensitive yet tough, impatient yet persistent, a street-smart and cutthroat policy expert who as mayor not only ran Chicago, but was Chicago," read a statement released by the University Press Wednesday. "Koeneman shows for the first time how Daley surpassed his father’s accomplishments in office by transforming Chicago from a gritty, post-industrial Midwestern capital into a beautiful, sophisticated global city that has become a model for innovative metropolises throughout the world."

The biography's publication marks yet another arena where the former mayor has followed in his father's footsteps: the late Mayor Richard J. Daley was the subject of the biography "Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago" by Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago journalist Mike Royko.

"Koeneman shows that Daley, much like his beloved city, is passionate, complex, and full of contradictions, and "First Son" brings this complicated man, his city, and this political dynasty into focus," the release said.

Daley is the longest serving mayor in Chicago history, holding the position for 22 years until he stepped down earlier this year.

The former mayor has not agreed to be interviewed for the book, a University of Chicago Press spokeswoman told ABC Chicago.