10/01/2011 01:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Princes William, Harry Play Piano As Babies (VIDEO)

It would be of absolute no surprise if it was upon seeing this video that Kate Middleton decided that she was truly in love with Prince William and wanted to be his wife. (Never mind the spectre of being Queen, we're going for fairytale romance in this fantasy.)

Found in the archives and placed on YouTube is this slice-of-life video from a royal photo shoot, which took place all the way back in 1985. Prince William, just three years old, clangs on the piano alongside his overjoyed brother Harry, who is but a year of age. He's not so pleased to kiss little Harry's head, what with newborn cooties sweeping the countryside of England at the time (the 80s were indeed difficult), but does enjoy sitting alongside his mother, Diana, as she poses for the flashbulbs.

Even Prince Charles gets into the action, making funny faces and holding his youngest child, who is just learning to walk. And then, searching for William underneath a table; if he had only then known he would one day be Baron Carrickfergus.