10/02/2011 11:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Herman Cain: Chris Christie Is Too Liberal For Conservatives In 2012

WASHINGTON -- (AP/The Huffington Post) Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is too liberal for conservative Republicans.

Republicans unhappy with the current field of GOP presidential contenders have been urging Christie to run. Christie has resisted becoming a candidate, but those close to the governor say he is reconsidering his decision to stay out of the race.

Cain tells "Fox News Sunday" that many conservatives won't support Christie once they find out about his views on global warming, illegal immigrants and gun control.

Christie has broken with traditional conservative views on some issues. He has voiced support for some gun control, has said being in the country without proper documentation is not a crime, and has called climate change real and partially man-made.

But will the governor run? For weeks Christie has repeatedly answered "no" to this question. During a speech last week at the Reagan Library he told the audience to watch a Politico video mashup of his "no" answers.

Despite the denials, the speculation that Christie will run will not go away. Now, amidst strong support from heavyweight Republicans and polls showing Obama is weakening, sources close to the governor say he is in fact considering joining the nomination race.

Christie's team is reportedly assessing how fast they could mount a campaign in order to be ready for the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. These Republican contests will likely be earlier than ever due to Florida's recent decision to bump up its primary from March 6 to Jan. 31.

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