10/03/2011 01:32 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2011

Could Soccer Help Improve Health In The Homeless?

Playing a pickup soccer game two or three times a week could improve health among homeless men, a new study finds.

Because of the many hardships and disadvantages associated with homelessness, those without a home typically have poor health and low life expectancy. Along with lack of access to proper health care, contributors to illness include cigarette smoking, alcohol and drug misuse and lack of physical fitness. Although most homeless people actually get large amounts of low-intensity physical activity -- simply from having to walk the streets all day -- they don't engage in high-intensity exercise, the study noted.

So, for the new study, researchers from the University of Exeter and the University of Copenhagen tried recruiting homeless men off the streets of Copenhagen to see whether they could get the men to play soccer and improve their health.

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