10/03/2011 10:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Martha Stewart's Daughter Alexis Tells All In New Book

Alexis Stewart, daughter of domestic goddess Martha Stewart, has a new tell-all book where she describes what it was really like to grow up with a mother like Martha. She cuts to the chase - not great.

You might think that she grew up with beautifully handcrafted Halloween costumes; Christmas presents wrapped with silk, satin, and tulle bows, placed under a pristine tree; the perfectly balanced gourmet tuna salad in the fridge. Nope, no such luck. According to the daughter of America's favorite perfectionist, that was all for show.

The Daily Mail got its hands on excerpts of the book, and the revelations are not pretty. Halloween nights were spent dull and dark as Martha insisted they pretend "they were not home" to avoid any enthusiastic trick-or-treaters. Martha had Alexis wrap her own Christmas presents just days prior to the holiday, and the fridge was often left empty. According to Alexis, her mother was not particularly crafty when it came to child rearing.

It has been reported that the mother-daughter duo are close despite their ability to push each other's buttons. Time spent together does not always go well, however that does not stop the pair from having a tight-knit relationship. Alexis even dedicated her book to her mother and stated, "thanks in advance to my mother for not getting angry by anything written in this book."

Realistically, it is not unimaginable to think that Martha, after spending hours taping shows like, "how to perfectly salt make homemade pretzels" and "how to hang curtains so windows appear their largest," possibly did not run her own household with the same attention to detail. It is somewhat shocking to learn that Stewart has a bad habit of leaving bathroom door open whilst urinating.

Alexis also digs into what it was like to grow up with the pressure of a mother whose strive for excellence was so intense that she became the worldwide expert on all things domestic. According to Daily Mail, "you can't win," she wrote. "If I didn't do something perfectly, I had to do it again…I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head."

"Whateverland: Learning to Live Here" hits book shelves on October 18.