10/04/2011 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Elizabeth Hurley Engaged: A Look At Shane Warne's Troubled Past

Elizabeth Hurley has just joyfully announced her engagement -- via Twitter, no less -- to retired Australian cricketing legend Shane Warne.

While many people know Hurley from her role in the "Austin Powers" movies, her new fiance is a bit of a mystery to many people across the pond.

Though the term "cricket legend" doesn’t mean much to most Americans, Warne is considered to be one of the greatest cricket players of all time. Yet he has faced his fair share of controversy -- both on and off the pitch.

In 2003, he was banned from cricket for one year for taking a banned diuretic, which is used to mask other drugs.

The 42-year-old Aussie is also known for his inappropriate and extramarital relationships.

In 1995, Warne married his longtime sweetheart, Simone, and the couple had three children together. Five years later, in 2000, Warne was forced to resign as vice-captain of the Australian cricket team after it was discovered he had made numerous racy calls to a British nurse.

In 2005, three days after Warne and his wife announced their separation, a British tabloid claimed that the cricket player had had an affair with an English sales manager. He allegedly bombarded the woman with steamy text messages, including one suggesting they have sex on the hood of his BMW.

Two weeks prior to the allegations, the same newspaper published claims by a 25-year-old student who said that Warne had repeatedly harassed her for sex.

The drama didn't end there. In 2006, another British tabloid published photos of Warne, clad only in his underwear, with a pair of 25-year-old models. Explicit messages were exposed once again.

Despite the steamy texts and photos, Warne and Simone announced that they were reconciling in 2007. Their rediscovered bliss didn’t last long; just months after they got back together, Simone received a text message from her hubby that was clearly meant for another woman.

In an interview with Australia’s New Idea magazine, Simone revealed that while she was in Australia and Shane was in England, she received a text from him that read, "Hey beautiful, I’m just talking to my kids, the back door’s open."

Simone immediately responded with a text of her own, writing, "You loser, you sent the message to the wrong person."

Needless to say, the two ended their relationship for good after that.

Warne’s 10-month relationship with his new fiancee, Hurley, has not been smooth sailing either.

Chloe Conrad, a 26-year-old porn star, revealed that she had slept with Warne after he began dating the Hurley. Explicit text messages were involved yet again, including one about a possible ménage à trois.

The revelation didn’t seem to dissuade Hurley, but the two did briefly break up when Warne confessed to sending more than 100 lewd text messages to a married Melbourne businesswoman.

He apologized, albeit over Twitter, for his poor judgement.

"We are all childish, immature at times. It’s about how you bounce back when things are tough," he wrote.

Hurley herself is no stranger to romantic shenanigans.

In 1995, Hurley’s longtime love Hugh Grant was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Hollywood.

Seven years later, she had a baby boy, Damian, now nine, with billionaire Steve Bing. Bing, however, denied the child was his until genetic testing proved otherwise.

The British beauty then married Indian textile heir Arun Nayar in an extravagant multi-day celebration in 2007. The pair divorced earlier this year.

Here’s hoping that things work out between Hurley and Warne -- but maybe she should confiscate his iPhone.

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