10/04/2011 08:40 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett: 'Divorce' Should Never Be Said

On Monday’s episode of "Kendra" on E!, Hank Baskett spoke frankly about his first two years of marriage, and hitting “the absolute bottom” with his wife Kendra Wilkinson.

In a rare heart-to-heart with friend and Philadelphia Eagles player Jon Dorenbos, Baskett discussed the dreaded “D-Word” and the effect merely uttering the phrase had had on his relationship with Wilkinson. “There was one day. We actually got into an argument so bad... I got so worried that I was going to lose my family.”

“We survived that, because we said from the get-go…never say the 'D-Word': divorce,” said Baskett, who plays football for the Minnesota Vikings.

Wilkinson admitted that she has used the “D-Word” twice in the past, but will never say it again: “The word divorce should never be used. It shouldn’t,” she said.

The former Playboy playmate now finds other things to say instead of “divorce” in their arguments— for example, “F*** you, “ or “I hate you." Profanity is preferable to the “D-Word”, according to her husband: “That’s better," Baskett agreed.

Wilkinson and Baskett have been married since June of 2009 and recently celebrated their anniversary in Cancun. They have one child together, Hank Baskett IV.