'Mr. Ed' Film Rights Bought By Fox 2000


In an effort to prove that no property from the 1960s is too tired or nonsensical to adapt for a new feature film, Variety reports that Fox 2000 has picked up the film rights to "Mr. Ed," the 1960s TV show about a talking horse.

The show, which aired between 1961 and 1966, chronicled the relationship between a horse -- Mr. Ed -- and Wilbur, his owner. won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy in 1963. It also won the award for Most Heart Warming Pet-Human Relationship at the TV Land Awards in 2005.

A plethora of 60s shows adaptations have hit theaters of late; Seth Rogen starred last winter in "The Green Hornet," while Johnny Depp will star in the upcoming "Dark Shadows." There are also the animated show adaptations, like this summer's "The Smurfs" and the recent "Yogi Bear." Johnny Depp will adapting "The Lone Ranger," a radio serial and show from the 50s, to film soon.