10/04/2011 06:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

No New iPhone 5: Twitter Reacts To Apple's Announcement Of iPhone 4S

Apple announced its long-awaited successor to the iPhone 4 on Tuesday, and many people (especially those with Twitter accounts) were underwhelmed with what new CEO Tim Cook unveiled at the keynote event: the new iPhone 4S.

Many expected that Apple would announce a completely re-designed iPhone 5, with a bigger screen, teardrop design, a new "home" button and NFC mobile payment capability, among other changes.

Instead, on October 14, consumers will be getting a phone with almost the exact same physical specs, but with a beefed-up operating system and a host of new features, including improvements that people thought would be included in an iPhone 5: a faster, A5 processor, GSM and CDMA "world phone" compatibility, an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p HD video recording capability.

Additionally, the new iPhone will come equipped with Siri, a voice-activated personal assistant, something that one Apple executive called the "the coolest feature of the new iPhone 4S.

But despite all of these upgrades, the Twitterverse was, as usual, full of snark about the Apple announcement. We've collected just a small sample for your viewing pleasure.

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