10/10/2011 05:23 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2011

San Francisco Candidate Questionnaire: Bevan Dufty

Bevan Dufty

Born: 1995, New York, New York

Current Gig: Former San Francisco Supervisor

Why should we vote for you?
This is what my campaign manager wants me to say (my words):

I'm an Outcome Mayor, a Busyard Mayor—fixing the big picture by addressing the basics: Muni, schools, homelessness, parks, jobs and neighborhood businesses. My 18 years of City service as Supervisor and Director of Neighborhood Services helped City government work for people. I will lead a dynamic and responsive City government—giving city employees the tools, respect and encouragement to step into their greatness.

This is what I want to say

As the First Gay Dad Mayor, imagine how crazy it would make the Republicans in Congress and the awestruck looks on Michele and Marcus Bachmann's faces. Wait till they find out I have a Black Agenda, too!

List a few of your most significant endorsements. Which one do you feel best exemplifies the reasons why you are running for mayor?
SEIU 1021- I told them they could take three dates to the prom—and they made me number 3! They spent a few hundred thousand to defeat me in 2002—so we grew into an amazing relationship recognizing hard-working, under-heralded front-line city workers. And, of course, Sidney Goldfader-Dufty, although that one is best to check day-by-day.

I've been endorsed by:
Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund
Teamsters Joint Council 7**
SEIU 1021 (3)
San Francisco Laborers Union, Local 261(3)
S.F. Latino Democratic Club**
S.F. Police Officers Association**
Officers for Justice (Black Police Officers)
San Francisco Deputy Sheriff's Association
African American Democratic Club (2)
Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco (3)
Small Property Owners of San Francisco (SPOSF)
Honor PAC, LGBT Rights LA
San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798 (2)
Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club (2)
Noe Valley Democratic Club (2)
San Francisco Association of Realtors**
Plan C (2)
United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 648
Community Leadership Alliance (2)

*All titles are for identification purposes only
**Indicates joint endorsement
(Unless otherwise noted endorsements are for 1st choice votes)

What's your favorite place in San Francisco?

Rotunda of City Hall

What is the single biggest issue facing San Francisco right now?

Fixing the basics for everyone.

Would you continue with the Central Subway construction project as planned or would you re-evaluate?

I would proceed—working closely with the amazing Central Subway Project Director, John Funghi, so we deliver this project in a cost- and time-effective manner. Guess what, most people think this extension is only about Chinatown—what you need to know is that it opens an incredibly needed connection to Caltrain—for thousands of workers commuting to Silicon Valley.

Do you support Proposition A, issuing a $531 million bond to pay for school repairs?

100% and we need 66% to win.

As rents in San Francisco continue to rise, there are fears that SF is becoming a luxury bedroom community for Silicon Valley, with working-class families being pushed out of the market. Would counteracting this transition be a priory in your administration?

Access to high quality affordable is key to keeping families, teachers, nurses, police officers and first responders in the City. As Supervisor, I sponsored legislation to allow in lieu fees to be congregated in order to acquire land in more expensive neighborhoods such as the Castro to be developed for affordable housing for LGBT seniors. I strongly supported the two unsuccessful bond campaigns, and as Mayor will pledge to go to voters in 2012 with an affordable housing bond. I support building new high quality affordable housing throughout San Francisco, including major developments like Park Merced and the recently approved Treasure Island plan.

Recology has had its monopoly on garbage collection in San Francisco written into the city charter since 1932. Would you work to put the contract to collect the city’s garbage out for bid?

I never landed on a square playing Monopoly that recycled 77%. We are the envy of every other city. Why break what's working.

Describe Gavin Newsom in two words.
Shy Wonk

Describe Willie Brown in three words.
Hizzoner Hat Hot

Describe Chris Daly in four words.
Blank Blank Blank Blank