10/06/2011 01:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kid Unboxes Bus Simulator 2 And That's It, In Most Pointless Video Ever (VIDEO)

In light of the death of visionary innovator Steve Jobs, much has been made about how the Internet is a truly transformative tool that brings the distance between us shorter than ever. In the words of Steven Spielberg, Jobs' work allowed us to have "the world at our fingertips."

But having the world at our fingertips is not always a good thing. For every instant video documentation of police brutality or eye-opening blog about genocide in Africa, there are a million videos like this one, where a British kid opens up a copy of the computer game "Bus Simulator 2."

And you know what happens next? Nothing. It's yet another "unboxing" video that inexplicably is cluttering up YouTube.

The video was posted to the blog of Robert Popper, a co-creator of the amazing "Look Around You." As he points out, the work that went into the production company animation at the beginning -- Kiwi 20069 Productions -- likely took far longer than filming this clip. With this kid's obsession with documenting everything, he very well could have a job waiting for him in the Phone Hacking Division at News Corp.

This video has over 2,500 views. This is art.