10/07/2011 12:40 pm ET Updated Dec 07, 2011

Milan Fashion Week Refuses To Move Dates, Conflicts With London & New York

Uh oh.

In a further development of the Battle of the Catwalks, Milan's Milan Chamber of Fashion has announced that it will not budge on its Spring 2013 fashion week dates, to be held in September 2012.

Milan announced recently that it would hold its fashion shows from September 19-25, Women's Wear Daily reported. New York Fashion Week, pushed back a week due to Labor Day, will run September 13-20 and London will begin the next day, running September 21-25. The Paris shows will begin on the 25th.

Such a schedule goes against a 2008 agreement made between the cities, which stated that New York begins on the second Thursday of September, followed consecutively by London, Milan and Paris.

But Mario Boselli, head of the Milan's Chamber of Fashion, claims that the agreement was only applicable for three years.

Both the Americans and Brits disagree, releasing strongly worded statements that they would prefer Milan to adjust its dates.

Milan heard the requests -- and has decided to deny them. Boselli told Women's Wear Daily today, "Let the best one win."

Get ready for a fashion rumble.