10/07/2011 02:16 pm ET Updated Dec 07, 2011

Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman Reuniting On 'The Manzanis' On ABC

This much we can be sure of: everyone will know your name on the set of this show.

When Kirstie Alley joined the cast of "Cheers," it was already established as one of the top sitcoms of television, a two-time winner of the Emmy for Best Comedy Series. Rhea Perlman had already won three Emmys for Best Supporting Actress, and with Shelly Long leaving, she was the top lady on the show. Alley, of course, would go on to win Emmys of her own, making them two of the top actresses in television.

Nearly 20 years after that show ended, why not try it again?

Deadline reports that Rhea Perlman has joined the cast of Kirstie Alley's upcoming sitcom pilot, "The Manzanis." Alley will play a woman who moves with her family to New Jersey, and Perlman will play her mother-in-law. It will be Perlman's first regular TV role since 2001's Abbie Schaeffer, which only lasted 6 episodes, and 1996's "Pearl," which was also one episode.

Alley appeared last year on "Dancing With The Stars," and the reality show, "Fat Actress." Perlman appeared in that, too, and she also made a cameo on Ted Danson's "Becker" and Kelsey Grammer's "Fraiser."

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