10/07/2011 03:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Fluffer' Trailer Parodies Every Oscar-Winning Redemption Movie (VIDEO)

The fonts, the music, the cinematography... the trailer for "The Fluffer" has all the trappings of a truly great Oscar-worthy drama. And then the lube comes out.

Comedian Dan St. Germain stars in this trailer parody about a man who has dedicated his life to the dying art of fluffing porn stars. Simultaneously bringing to mind "Crazy Heart" and "Hooper," we see the protagonist working his craft like a pro while his life falls apart around him. Can he walk away from the only thing he knows before it kills him? Does he have the foolhardiness to go for one final chance at glory? Can his girlfriend be any more understanding but troubled?

Populated almost entirely by New York comedians, the video features Germain, Ashley Brooke Roberts, Nate Fernald and Steve O'Brien of Team Submarine, and Danny Solomon. It was directed by Adam Wirtz.