10/10/2011 12:47 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

Alitalia Flight Attendant Uniforms Through The Years (PHOTOS)

Flight attendants are all the rage this fall with the debut of ABC's "Pan Am". Former flight attendants have come out of the woodwork to both criticize and applaud the historically themed show, taking on everything from uniforms to their titles.

Alitalia has jumped on the retrospective bandwagon and has released their archive of vintage uniforms, designed over the years by the likes of Giorgio Armani and Alberto Fabiani.

An interest in flight attendant garb is nothing new, however. Earlier this year, Seattle's Museum of Flight put together a retrospective of uniforms over the years, showcasing everything from Oleg Cassini-designed Airwest uniforms to Mario Zamparelli's mark on Howard Hughes' airline to Emilio Pucci for Qantas.

And who could forget Elle Macpherson strutting her stuff to show off Virgin Blue's newest attire? In August, British Airways highlighted their uniforms throughout their storied history at London's Vintage Festival.

All photos courtesy of Archivio Storico Alitalia.

Retro Alitalia Uniforms