Art Occupies Wall Street (VIDEO)

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests may be rooted in anger over corporate greed and corruption, but that hasn't stopped the art world from getting involved and taking over the financial district.

Below you'll see a video shot by the Daily News that captures street artist Yako 440 in action where he spray paints messages on to t-shirts expressing anger over corporate fraud. In another part of the video body artist Andy Golub exhibits a nude New York City resident covered in his work.

Emily Simon of the Beehive Collective explains how she and her fellow artists tell stories through graphics painted on polyester material that travels the U.S. to reach various audiences. The stories range from the harmful environmental impacts of using coal to the growing corporate greed that have inspired Occupy Wall Street protests.

Other organized action from artists at OWS include a 24-hour exhibition that kicked off Saturday evening where a group of artists rented out the former J.P. Morgan headquarters building, across from the New York Stock Exchange, to host the exhibit No Comment.

According to, last week Occupy Art World emerged, a spinoff from OWS operating under the twitter account @OccupyArtWorld, which calls for an end to greed in the art industry.

See the video below of art occupying Wall Street.