Lana Del Rey Live: Singing 'Blue Jeans' At 'The Premises' (VIDEO)

24-year-old singer/songwriter Lizzy Grant has her ducks in a row: a dramatic stage name in "Lana Del Rey," an army of fans, an equally-impassioned army of critics, a GQ profile that mentions her enormous lips, said enormous lips, a Song, a buzzing YouTube account, loving parents and an air of mystery over whether in fact she can possibly have all of the above. Presumably Del Rey knows how unlikely her perfect storm seems, because her latest video is an act of defiance tagged "Live At The Premises." Live is legit, as everyone knows. Even the greats aren't always great live.

In the video, Del Rey stands at a mic in a bare room (the premises, we think), a man on an electric guitar to her right. Her voice is still surprisingly deep. She still catches it in her throat in studied vulnerability. Her lashes are still thick as wings, her lips still enormous. The implicit reference to Nancy Sinatra and her ancestral line of gloomy jazz, which fans find exciting, and critics call derivative, is still at work. This just in: Lana Del Rey is real. Expect an album this January.