09/29/2011 07:42 am ET Updated Sep 16, 2012

Incomplete Buildings And Monuments Around The World (PHOTOS)

UPDATE 10/11/11: Things are looking up for our unfinished monuments, as another has received an anticipated completion date. North Korea's Ryugyong Hotel is expected to partially open in April 2012, reports The Telegraph.

Construction on the 105-story hotel, the name of which means Capital of Willows, began in 1987. Had it opened on schedule in 1989, it would have been the world's tallest hotel at the time. But, construction halted around 1992 due to lack of funding, electricity and widespread famine.

According to The Telegraph, the opening will coincide with the 100th anniversary of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung's birth. Celebrations will peak on April 15.

Previously 9/29/11: Last week it was announced that Barcelona's iconic basilica, La Sagrada Familia, was finally given a completion date some 144 years after its groundbreaking. This got us thinking: What other monuments have been left incomplete?

As it turns out, the answer is, "a lot." Unfortunately for their executors, lack of funding seems to be a common thread through many of these structures. So they stand, mostly abandoned, as monuments to financial folly.

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Incomplete Buildings And Monuments
Incomplete Buildings And Monuments