10/11/2011 04:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Brian Williams On 'Rock Center,' His Springsteen Love (VIDEO)

Brian Williams must have felt very comfortable during his visit to the "Gayle King Show" on Monday, as the NBC News anchor opened up about the depths of his love for Bruce Springsteen.

Williams was on set to discuss his new show, "Rock Center," but the conversation took an unexpected turn when King brought up his home state of New Jersey.

King told Williams that "The Jersey Shore" was responsible for impacting New Jersey's "image around the world." Responding with his typical dry humor, Williams said that he has not yet "fist pumped at home," for fear of breaking some of his nice furniture from Restoration Hardware and Bed Beth and Beyond. When Gayle gave a shout out to Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen, the two gushed over their mutual love for the rock star. Williams (who is a well-known devotee) said, "He's really the governor, he's really like the governor for life."

Williams took his admiration for Springsteen even further and said, "I really love the guy." He then admitted that if he were "ever to go that way in life" and leave his wife, he would do it for Springsteen. This kept King and an unidentified woman off-camera in stitches, as Williams continued to mull over the details. He said that Springsteen would also have to leave his "established family" for his fantasy to become a reality.

Gayle put the dreaming to rest and said, "That ain't happening."

"Ok," Williams responded. He then reiterated (just in case you didn't hear him the first time!), "I'm just saying...if I woke up and had kind of a chemical imbalance and decided, 'Let's try life on the other side of the football field,' that's the guy."