10/11/2011 05:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

J.R. Martinez Will Win 'DWTS,' Cameron Mathison Predicts

He may be biased in favor of his fellow "All of My Children" cast member, but Cameron Mathison believes J.R. Martinez is going to be the big winner on this season of "Dancing With The Stars" -- if he can get past Ricki Lake.

"J.R. has got it, but Ricki Lake is looking really strong. I think it is going to be between the two of them and it is going to be very close, but I really think it is going to be J.R. all the way,” Mathison told The Huffington Post.

The "DWTS" season five contestant says he understands why Lake is stressed out about staying on the show, but he has some advice for the former talk show host about how to get through all the madness.

"She needs to remember it is just a dance show," Mathison told us. "Keep this show in perspective, relax and have fun. The only way I got through the show was to focus on the moment. I didn't look ahead. If you look at the big picture it just becomes too overwhelming."

Mathison, who is currently hosting the "Ultimate Proposal" webseries for Yahoo and will be helping men propose live on "Good Morning America" Wednesday morning, also revealed just how he proposed to his wife, model Vanessa Arevalo, in 2002.

"I probably could have used a little help, but I did OK. My wife and I fell in love skiing and I proposed on a ski trip in Vail," he said. "I arranged for us to ski alone and around lunch I had her come with me to the high peak with the beautiful views. I sat her on a bench and I put a camera on the edge and she thought I was taking a photo and I pulled the ring out when I hit the timer and turned around and proposed and caught it on film. I arranged a champagne lunch at the bottom of the hill."

Not too shabby for a someone who doesn't think he's a "romantic" guy.

"I consider myself an intimate guy. I emphasize a real connection with my wife. I try to buy her flowers and catch lunch together and reconnect."

Mathison has also signed on to participate in the new online-only episodes of "All My Children," which he promises will be every bit as good -- if not better -- as the televised version of the long-running soap opera. But he does recognize that the ending of the televised version is bittersweet for "AMC" fans, which is why he is participating in the upcoming "A Tribute to Pine Valley" fan events in New York City, New Brunswick, N.J. and Long Island, N.Y.

"This is a celebration of the fans, for the people who have been watching the show for a long time," Mathison said.

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