10/16/2011 06:31 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

Hot Babes And Mushroom Clouds: The Work Of Rebecca Campbell (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Campell's upcoming exhibition "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," encompasses seemingly disparate subject matters, from enchanting women to nuclear mushroom clouds. Yet the works, all rendered in a similarly perfected nonchalance, impart a singular effect — not a meaning, nor a lesson, but a jolt.

The images themselves take the backseat to their materialization, the wild brushstrokes which aptly convey lightning and hair, danger and sensuality. In Campbell's words: "I chase life and death, light, scale, power, and carnality with my brush. These wonders often masquerade as one another and I paint the ring in which they perform." A femme fatale and a storm cloud both collapse into combinations of "precision, abandon, color, eclipse, figure and abstraction."

Campbell's characters betray their essences on behalf of their appearances, abandoning their former lives to enter Campbell's lexicon of the erotic and apocalyptic.

"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" will be showing from October 13 until November 19 at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe.