10/11/2011 08:40 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

Lithuania: World's Goofiest Tourism Promoter?

Lithuania’s National Tourism Board is not going to back down. After Stephen Colbert reviewed the board’s Lithuania perfume harshly earlier this year -- “smells like a goat slaughtered at a lesbian drum circle” -- and everyone had a laugh at the country’s expense, it seemed logical that the board would not be bringing up the eau de Eastern Bloc again, that the tonic would be put on a shelf somewhere next to Alan Cumming’s “Cumming” and “Bruce Willis,” the manliest of all scents. Not so much.

The board has announced that it will be handing out the perfume at the World Travel Market event beginning next month in London. European travel agents, who are certainly clamoring for the spritz, can get their sample at the nation’s booth, where they will also have a chance to rub shoulders with celebrity.

Travel Daily reports that the Mayor of Vilnius will also be appearing at WTM, where he will no doubt get the celebrity treatment. A Youtube video of Arturas Zuokas crushing an illegally-park luxury car with a tank went viral earlier this year, sending a strong message about civic-mindedness and reminding everyone that Lithuanian Mayors have tanks at their disposal.

Zuokas also floated a plan this week to buy a Greek island and turn it into a tourist resort. For those keeping track, Lithuania is over a thousand miles from Greece.

Lithuania is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction and not without reason: Vilnius is a lovely old city filled with churches and fascinating cemeteries while Klaipeda, in the north, has beaches and seafood. All that being said, the members of Lithuania’s Tourism Board seem bent on promoting tourism in the goofiest possible way. It is all very winning.