10/12/2011 03:18 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

Wolfgang Tillmans Searches For Truth In New Interview (VIDEO)

Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans is well-versed in the art of observation. In an environment where many struggle to maintain connections to reality, Tillmans remains steadfast in his artistic approach to observe and document what society deems relevant.

In an interview for the upcoming British Art Show the artist talks about the multi-layered relationship between photography and painting, reality and the difficulty in portraying absolute truth. Featured in the video is Tillmans' "Truth Study Center," a project he began in 2005 that examines how society perceives the concept of truth despite having so many different voices claiming to be the infallible source.

Tillmans has remained at the forefront of photography's changing role as a medium for abstraction, rather than merely as a tool for documentation. He is the first photographer to have his own retrospective at the Tate Britain as well as the first non-english artists to be awarded the Turner Prize. Despite these milestone accomplishments, Tillmans remains dedicated to showcasing underappreciated artists with his "Between Bridges" project. Tillmans has put on a variety of exhibitions that showcase artists who deal with political subject matter on the ground floor of his London studio. Previous exhibitions include Isa Genzken, Jenny Holzer and photographs taken for the Center For Land Use Interpretation. Watch the interview with Tillmans below.