10/12/2011 11:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Huntsman Says Something Interesting Once The Televised Debate Is Safely Over

My favorite highlight of last night's GOP contest comes via my colleague Alex Becker, who caught Jon Huntsman saying something interesting immediately following last night's debate:

“I want to return to the spirit of Glass Steagall," Huntsman said after tonight's debate. “You’ve got to look at, fundamentally look at, downsizing some of our banks, looking at some sort of a cap requirement on the size of things. When you have financial institutions of which there are six and any one of them collapsing could cause such dire reverberations in the global economy that it could be catastrophic, it becomes too big to fail.”

“Not Glass-Steagall from the 1930s but something in the spirit of Glass-Steagall, something that would ultimately right-size banks,” he added.

That's a pretty interesting position for Jon Huntsman to take. And if that's what Huntsman believes, an opportune time for him to have said so would have been, say ... I don't know -- during the Bloomberg debate, maybe? Instead, he decided to repeat long ago debunked claims about the IRS's role in the Affordable Care Act and the same "9-9-9 is the price of a pizza" joke that had become played out on Twitter before the week began.

At any rate, that's your "I don't really understand what the Huntsman campaign is doing" moment from last night.

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