10/12/2011 11:33 am ET Updated Dec 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Condoms Unveiled

If you're worried about all of those protesters engaging in unprotected sex and contracting ghastly sexually transmitted diseases, you can breath a sigh of relief. Now condoms to honor (and protect) the Occupy Wall Street movement have been rolled out, reports Gawker.

Dubbed Occupy Condoms, these prophylactics promise to be "99 percent effective" a nod to the 99 percent of Americans devastated by the economy whom these protestors say they represent.

Created by Condomania, a pack of 30 condoms are sold at $11.99, which is at a 70 percent discount to "demonstrate our support for social change and virtuous pursuit of equality for all."

Inquisitr points out this is more reasonable than other specially designed condoms on the site, including the Obama Stimulus Package condoms, Sarah Palin Protection condoms or Election Protection condoms, that go for about $40.

Unlike the corporations OWS is protesting against, this company claims it didn't want to unapologetically capitalize on the protest movement by shamelessly profiteering from the movement. Instead, Condomania explains on its website, "We'll just hope for some good buzz and a small amount of unscrupulous profits."

"We won't be screwed," these prophylactics proclaim on the packaging. "We will come first."

Genius marketing or exploitation of the protest? The condoms will be given out for free in other movements across the country.